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Transform Loneliness into Solitude(During Covid19)


Transform Loneliness into Solitude(During Covid19)

Well said by LAU TZU Ordinary men hate solitude ,but the master makes use  of it embracing his aloneness,  realizing he is one with the whole universe”

Once again, we are locked or confined within the four walls of our sweet home due to this pandemic. The Government has imposed lockdown to save us all from infection. Those who are lucky enough are safe with their near and dear ones. They are sharing moments of happiness and joy, remembering good old days etc. But we humans are wired to crave connection with other people. It is important to our survival to be around others and share experiences. There is also a societal pressure to always have something going on & not get bored as lonely.

Loneliness restricts sharing

Loneliness is big concern especially for persons isolated due to this pandemic. It is toxic to health, not just mental but physical too. Many are alone away from their family due to restrictions imposed by the Govt. and many are home quarantine or in home isolation. This loneliness can be dangerous if not tackled in a positive manner. Family means sharing. This loneliness restricts this sharing. But in this helpless situation one has to make this loneliness his strengths.

Make loneliness your strength not weakness

Mary Sarton said “Loneliness is the poverty of self, solitude is the richness of self.” Yes, one should focus over the positive aspects of loneliness. According to many writers it gives rise to creativity, strengthens thinking capacity, and takes us back to our hobbies of student life. If we keep our mind busy with healthy works, it will save us from negativity & mental tension. This natural oxygen will heal us quicker than artificial. It will build antibodies and fill us with positive attitude towards life .

Discover your true self

Use solitude as a jumping off point for self-discovery. This pandemic may even help to normalize loneliness and make it sound less shameful by incorporating healthy practices. There is a stigma and shame that surrounds loneliness. We can normalize it for our self and others by using more connected techniques like organizing virtual games over zoom, taking or giving online workshops as per our interest joining online yoga classes, listening to good music, reading books of interest and playing indoor games with family and group video chatting or voice chatting with family and friends. Discover YOU in YOURSELF, find pleasure in small things that are otherwise lost. Learn new things, look for self actualization. One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.

Stay Connected– to yourself

Dr. Rajesh Verma

Director, Deptt. of Computer Application., RBMI, Bareilly

4 thoughts on “Transform Loneliness into Solitude(During Covid19)

  1. Covid-19 has posed unprecedented challenges in our lives.The feeling of loneliness has crept in the lives of various individuals due to loss of lives,jobs,social interactions etc.
    It is essential that one must embrace loneliness and turn that into solitude which is a boon for the individuals.
    Solitude can be helpful in transforming the personality as a whole.It also enables introspection.


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